Flat embroidery

For centuries flat embroidery has been a high-quality textile decoration technique. Thanks to the continuous development of production technology we dispose today of a product which meets the highest demands in many fields of application. Thus flat embroidery offers almost endless possibilities of presenting a motif to perfection.
Besides a huge selection of colours embroidery silks provide various properties. Mainly nylon- and polyester silks are used, but also shiny metallic ones. Special effects are produced e.g. by phosphorescent silks, which make the motifs glow in the dark. For work- and safety wear particularly heat-resistant embroidery silks are recommended.

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Embroidered Logo

The embroidered logo turns every article of clothing, every cap or bag into a very special and valuable product. Be it for large quantities, short-term actions or unique presents, you can always pinpoint your individual motif.
Large and small designs as well as large surface or detailed motifs and wordings can be reproduced. The high-quality look with its fine three-dimensional surface puts a new complexion on your motif. Multi-purpose, quick sewing and ironing on thanks to a heat-resistant glue at the back – that is how your message is presented to perfection.

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3D embroidery

3-dimensional and of the highest quality. The 3D embroidery is one of the most exclusive decoration techniques. In a fascinating and modern way your logo gets conjured dimensionally onto a cap. 3D embroideries are fabricated according to the latest production standards. The embroidery is done by means of a distance foam, which keeps the thread raised, thus creating this special 3-dimensional effect.

A special technology, which has a unique appeal. The dimensional, rounded surfaces, the high durability and the exclusive sporty look are the most important charasteristics. A real eye-catcher, which definitely attracts attention.

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General terms and conditions

Legal notes

The general terms and conditions of Gustav Daiber GmbH are to be applied as well as the unified terms for textile decoration orders in the version of 1st July 2012, together with the additional terms, unless they contradict the general terms and conditions. You will find the unabridged version of our general terms and conditions here.

Flock transfers, reflective transfers, label transfers, sublimation transfers and others on request. Outsizes on request.
We will be glad to advise you personally if you need more colours or larger quantities. Just contact us at [email protected] or call us at 07432 7016-800.

Our application-specific consultation and product tests are carried out to the best of our knowledge, also in terms of the rights of third parties. Our recommendation is without engagement and does not exempt us from thoroughly testing the products delivered by us for the intended purposes. The application, use and processing of the products is beyond our control and your sole responsibility. To be on the safe side, test prints and wash tests should be carried out on the material to be printed on.