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Embroidery Technology


Textile Decoration to incorporate brands and convey messages

The art of embroidery was cultivated by the Chinese, the Indians and the Egyptians for thousands of years. Due to state-of-the-art technologies this fine art of embroidering transfers on textiles is still very popular today. A technology with almost infinite potential.

No matter whether 3-dimensional embroidery or self-adhesive embroidered emblems, we offer suitable technologies to skilfully present your ideas on many textiles. With our longstanding expertise and state-of-the-art know-how we are specialized in implementing your creative requirements in a way compatible to the brand and corporate design. A huge variety which leaves nothing to be desired.

In the following we will give you a brief survey of our services and techniques. On request we will be pleased to send you samples of the embroidery-techniques presented, which you can test extensively for your purposes.

No matter whether for large numbers or small individual orders – our team will be glad to serve you personally in order to find the solution that best meets your requests.

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Overview Embroidery Technology


Due to our modern machinery and our extensive know-how we offer you a huge variety of embroidering technologies from flat embroidery motifs to embroidered emblems, also with adhesive, and 3D-embroidery.

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Today embroidery is a highly automated process. The first step is to reproduce an idea, a logo, a wording, an image on a textile. For this purpose an artwork (e.g. a jpg-image file) has to be made into an embroidery programme. This process is called ‘punching’. By means of time-consuming programming details of the motif are defined stitch by stitch and thus the kind and length of stitch, the stitch density as well as the colours and their order are defined in a file.

Embroidery samples are produced in order to further optimize the embroidery programme so it meets our high quality standards down to the last detail. For bulk production the textile to be embroidered on is stretched on a frame to reach the prescribed position. For stabilizing and fixing the embroidery a piece of interlining is put on the back of the textile. What is left of the interlining on the textile is removed after embroidering. Nowadays we use state-of-the-art embroidery machines doing up to twelve colours in one step and up to 1,200 stitches per minute. Before packing and releasing the merchandise, every embroidery is checked to ensure that our customers will receive a perfect product, which will keep them satisfied for a long time.