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Albstadt, company headquarters of Gustav Daiber GmbH and of their hundred-year history, is about halfway between Stuttgart and Lake Constance. It is the largest town of the Zollernalbkreis and did not come into existence until 1975 through the association of municipalities that had so far been independent. Therefore, Albstadt’s districts are scattered over the Schwäbische Alb at an altitude of between 644 and 966 metres above sea level.

Like other low mountain regions of Germany, Albstadt, or some of its former independent municipalities, were primarily marked by the textile industry. After the decline of the textile industry in Germany around the nineteen seventies only a few very highly innovative firms were able to survive in this industry – one of them was Gustav Daiber GmbH.

In Albstadt Gustav Daiber GmbH has over one hundred employees. They work in the product design, purchasing department, marketing, in the sales department, dispatch department and logistics, in the printing- and embroidery department. They serve customers who just stop by the Daiber outlet.


Daiber in Albstadt   Showroom, Daiber in Albstadt   Daiber in Albstadt - top view  

Albstadt Bike-Marathon   Outlet, Daiber in Albstadt   Service-Center, Daiber in Albstadt