Sports collection 2017

James & Nicholson and myrtle beach for events!

Our wide product range offers looks for sporting events, trande fairs, festivals, summer festival, chalet parties..Discover now!

  Sports collection 2017

Enjoy funfairs with James & Nicholson and myrtle beach

Our funfair collection offers traditional costumes, T-shirts and poloshirts in check pattern, with buttons made of..Discover now!

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The whole world of James & Nicholson

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James & Nicholson is the epitome of trendy corporate fashion clothing: with T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts made of cotton or cotton blend and jackets as well as functional sportswear, workwear and business wear. A huge variety of products for women, men and children, for special sizes (outsizes up to 5XL), in up to 40 different colours. Fashionable, absolutely trendy, highly functional and produced according to high, ethical and ecological standards. (Social responsibility and the environment).

However, it takes enhanced decoration that makes corporate fashion the garment staff and customers like wearing. It symbolizes visible identification with and a natural affection for a company. Quite a few James & Nicholson products with induvidual imprints and embroidery have meanwhile even become cult.

Finally: Those who order James & Nicholson products will be served well and promptly. An average stock availability of 97% ensures that customer orders are responded to rapidly; imprints and embroideries according to the customer’s specifications are dealt with carefully and promptly.

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