Personal statement of Daiber’s general manager Rolf Daiber on the social responsibility of his company

‘We stand by our social responsibility!’

In constructive co-operation with our suppliers we intend to keep improving the working conditions and social standards for the people working in the production plants. However, we are aware that achieving complete compliance with our code of conduct is a lenghty process.

Code of Conduct - Gustav Daiber GmbH

Since 1999 social and environmental aspects have been integrated in the company code of conduct. The establishment of and compliance with the code of conduct is always being supervised and checked by our compliance team. The qualifying measures include comprehensive advice/consulting, training and monitoring the management and staff of our suppliers. The implementation is monitored at regular intervals. Since the foundation of our compliance team in 2006 over 800 social audits have been carried out by our team in Bangladesh and more than 180 social audits have been held by independent auditing companies in order to check and improve the social standards of our suppliers.

The textile industry has a lot of experience in producing in emerging economies. It was the textile industry that placed the first orders in China more than thirty years ago. Surely, back then, the working conditions did not meet European standards. But thanks to the continuous commitment of the German and other textile industries, both the social and the intellectual level of the country developed within a very short time and today China is one of the leading industrialized countries in the world. I am very much aware of my social responsibility also for our manufacturing plants.

I consider it a special task of our textile industry, which paved the way for social and intellectual development in the past and will continue do so in the future, to have a positive impact on the working conditions and thus also on the standard of living. We are requested by the market to offer fashionable products at an attractive price. Personally, I consider this also an extremely precious task of imparting to the manufacturing countries more and more foreign currencies, knowledge and responsiblity for their population, just as my colleagues and I have succeeded in doing in China so far.

Rolf Daiber
Managing Director of Gustav Daiber GmbH

Albstadt, in January 2012